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Yes That’s right if you Google ‘Its a Knockout’ there are loads of fan sites, photo galleries and video clips to behold. Not sure it it’s all legal or infringing copyright but Hey Ho they stuff is very welcome to Retro TV fans. Well the BBC never repeat it so I am so glad people have dug out their old VHS recordings, digitized them and uploaded them to Social Networking sites such as YouTube.Com. There are some corkers and I highly recommend you seek them out.

Look for thecontestants who had to wear “Giant Costumes” which were deliberately designed to either knock things over, bump into the other ones or just to fall over I’m sure! Maximum laughs all round with their gormless faces. Hilarious. I thought so and so did the great compare Stuart Hall and co. His infectious laugh just made it worse (or better maybe – not sure). Of course the “dolly bird” scorers made my teenage temperature rise and then the Joker was played to try and double the team’s score.

So get over to and search for ‘its a knockout bbc’. I just did and unbelievably there are over 2,780 references to Its a Knockout !!! Is that incrediable?

Ones to look out for are: “It’s A Knockout BBC TV Opening Titles Compilation” – a very good start to the search + there’s rare footage of interviews and the regional heats of this wacky TV show. Of course you’ll also find great clips of other country’s version of the show. There’s plenty of Aussy Clips too. And you’ll spot the Eurpean Finals of It’s A Knockout called Jeux Sans Frontieres which was bigger and better.

That reminds me do a search for Stuart Hall’s great catch phrase “Here comes the Belgiums”. There’s even a BBC video out and you can get this on It’s a cracking video for retro game fans.

So all-in-all a feast of VERY FUNNY TV clips of Its A Knockout to keep any fan going for a while.. eh am over to YouTube again now – it always cheers me up !!

P.S. Don’t forget to search the BBC1 web site too as there’s some vintage info on there.


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